Our organization offers training to interested participants in Richmond and, soon, in Roanoke, Virginia. To date we have run three training classes in Richmond.

Currently, our training prepares people for any of four levels of organizational familiarity or participation:

Theory and Introduction – This program is designed to introduce participants to unitive principles and to help participants see the contrast between punitive and unitive systems of justice. It includes a basic introduction to circle facilitation.

New facilitator training – This sequence familiarizes participants with the basic theories of restorative justice practices using unitive principles, with how and where restorative justice is practiced, and with basic restorative circle facilitation.

Intermediate facilitator training – This sequence builds on participants’ current practice, developing more advanced and adaptable circle facilitation skills.

Trainer  preparation – This program prepares participants to conduct their own restorative justice training using unitive principles in their communities.

Click here for a document that describes our certification requirements.

You can visit our calendar here to see our ongoing training schedule. If you are interested in joining our trainings you can email Sylvia Clute at sylviaclute at gmail dot com.